Introducing Tethys: Democratized Liquidity Pool Powered Stablecoin On & Off Ramps


Maintaining Value Parity

Transak Stablecoin Onramp presenting an off-peg calculation Taken at: 14:28 pm CET 12 March 2021

Hop Count

  1. Register and complete KYC with an exchange
  2. Deposit EUR through a chosen payment method, which may be subject to additional fees
  3. Exchange their EUR to a token or cryptocurrency that contains a pair with a Terra supported token or cryptocurrency such as USDT or BTC.
  4. Purchase the Terra supported token or cryptocurrency such as LUNA.
  5. Withdraw to a Terra wallet and potentially incur withdrawal fees.
  6. Finally, perform an EUT swap which may incur additional trading fees.

Introducing Tethys by Saturn Money


Liquidity Pools

Balance Mechanism

Incentivized Partnerships




Maintaining Value Parity

Increasing Adoption

Reduced Fees





Elevated Digital Finance Powered by Terra.

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Saturn Money

Saturn Money

Elevated Digital Finance Powered by Terra.

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